Real Teams

Session 45'


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In sports we have teams that win together, loose together and celebrate together. Team members depend on each other. Using their motivation they can make us gasp as they beat opponents with seemingly superior skills.

This is somewhat different from the type of “teams” a lot of companies have been using to develop software. Lately though, a lot of companies have been asking their people to work in some sort of self organizing agile team. This is a very similar idea to the sports team. Getting this type of team to work really well does not happen by itself though. It takes some thought and work.

This session covers a number of conditions that each of us can work to put in place to enable great team results and a great team experience. Based on research and the speaker’s application of these ideas the last four years, the results have surprisingly little to do with traditional “teambuilding”!


Henrik Berglund

Folien: Real Teams - Henrik Berglund

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