Keynote von Rachel Davies
"Resolving Resistance to Change"

Uns ist es gelungen, als Keynote-Speakerin für die XPDays 2010 Rachel Davies mit einer Keynote zu "Resolving Resistance to Change" zu gewinnen.

Rachel ist Authorin des Buchs "Agile Coaching" und führende Expertin zu diesem Thema im Vereinigten Königreich. Seit über 20 Jahren sammelt sie Erfahrung in der Softwareindustrie in verschiedenen Rollen, die von der Softwareentwicklung zum Management reichen. Seit sie im Jahr 2000 anfing, agile Methoden einzusetzen, verwendet sie verschiedene Methoden, unter anderem XP, Scrum, Lean/Kanban und DSDM.


Agile methods offer many benefits to organisations and the people who work inside them. So you may be surprised to meet resistance to adopting agile practices. Yet, this resistance is very common in organisations large and small. As an agile coach, I've learned that forcing adoption of agile practice results in minimal compliance.
Teams who don't want to be agile often fall back to old ways of doing things with agile labels. If teams continue their old way of working under an agile disguise, they miss out on many of benefits agile can bring.
Truly, agile teams depend on close collaboration and self-organisation. This requires commitment from each individual in the team. In this talk, I will share some coaching tips for getting to the heart of resistance and how to dissolve barriers to adopting agile working practices. I have found that the key to success lies in applying agile values from the start and working on building trust with the team.

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