The last few years have given rise to the idea that - besides knowledge - practice is essential for developers and knowledge workers. There are code katas, coding and coaching dojos, pair and mob programming.

A scientifically underpinned way to systematically develop a different kind of skill-set is mindfulness. With a regular mindfulness practice, you can improve concentration, equanimity and impulse control, skills that are useful and very much needed in complex agile environments.

Basically, you become more proficient in hacking your mind: you slowly learn the programming language your mind responds to and thus cultivate a more friendly and fruitful relationship with it.

In this interactive session, I will present how mindfulness works and why it is worth practising. We look at the neuroscience behind it and do a short practice that you can take home with you.

All of that using a lot of comparisons to coding and with the help of a cat video. Mehr Infos: MindAsCode

Markus Wittwer Collaboration Consulting

Markus has developed backend systems for large companies and is now an independent collaboration coach who helps to improve agile ways of working and to foster needs-based collaborative working environments. His ‚tools‘ for that are agile ways of working, brain friendly workshops, non-violent communication, Theory U and Art of Hosting.

Mindfulness is his way to stay sane in the midst of organizational complexity and to teach the necessary inner skills that are needed for collaboration. He is a certified trainer of „Search Inside Yourself“ - the mindfulness and emotional intelligence program developed within Google.