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Collaborative Software Development - Developing Software like a band plays Jazz (Michael Schneider)

Developing software in a team is much like playing an instrument in a band. Both require a balance of team collaboration and solo expertise. A goal of the Jazz project is to provide a team and teams of teams with a stage that supports developing software in this style. Rational Team Concert is the first product that comes out of this project. Team Concert provides agile teams with an integrated tool set including source control, work item tracking, and continuous integration and build management. It provides collaboration facilities and a high degree of transparency throughout development, and enables a team to establish their processes to reduce team mistakes. This talk shows how Team Concert addresses common pain points of software development and how the Jazz team leverages Team Concert for their own distributed development.

Über den Speaker

Michael Schneider (IBM Rational Research GmbH) arbeitet als Software Ingenieur bei der IBM Rational Research GmbH in Zürich und entwickelt dort Plannungswerkzeuge für Agile Teams. Zuvor war er massgeblich an der Entwicklung eines bekannten Web Content Management Systems beteiligt.

Michael hat 2005 sein berufsbegleitendes Informatik Studium an der Berner Fachhochschule mit Auszeichnung abgeschlossen.